Rotary screw compressors are typically used to supply compressed air for industrial applications or to operate high-power air tools. They are often seen at construction sites to power air operated machinery and offer increased efficiency compared to other alternatives.

These compressors use a rotary type positive displacement mechanism to compress the air. The most common type is the single stage helical which consists of two rotors. The rotors within a casing engage in a continuous sweeping motion to compress the gas.

The gas is then forced through the compressor and exits at the end of the screws. The effectiveness of these compressors largely depend on the internal mechanisms and the clearances between the rotors. They tend to consume less electricity than piston type compressors.

Rotary screw air compressors are not only fairly easy to operate but include smooth air output in a compact size. As can be expected from heavy machinery, maintenance and repairs are often necessary to keep its functioning at optimal levels

Any damages due to internal mechanism failure can lead to costly downtime especially if the compressors are used extensively in a commercial or industrial environment. Scheduled maintenance is also important to assess the current condition of the compressor.

Our Repair and Overhaul Services

Compressed Air Repairs and Equipment offers complete repair and overhaul services on all types of air compressors. Our technicians have extensive experience in the drilling and compressor industries. We use our knowledge to deliver services to your exact specifications.

We offer repairs for high pressure rotary screw air ends of all makes and models. We can even do complete overhauls for rotary vanes and blower packages to your requirements using only quality bearings and seals.

We understand that problems with these compressors can cause costly delays. We have worked extensively with drilling and mining companies. All repairs and overhauls are always completed within a reasonable timeframe without any compromises on quality.

We also offer OEM or aftermarket parts for the following:

  • Oil filters
  • Air filters
  • Regulators
  • Blow downs
  • Relief valves

We stock a variety of these parts and even offer complete mobile compressor packages. Whether you need repairs or an overhaul to improve efficiency, our team is here to help.