Cash Valve is a leading manufacturer of pressure regulating and back pressure valves for industrial applications including steam, air/gas, liquid, and cryogenic purposes. All products are engineered and tested to meet strict quality standards.

They range in size and construction material depending on the application. A range of pressure reductions with inlets of 720 PSI and reductions from 1 to 400 PSI are available. Temperatures range from cryogenic to 800°F.

Compressed Air Repairs and Equipment is a distributor for their products. We can order a wide selection of products from pressure regulating valves to vacuum valves. Additional services include complete installations and repairs.

Product Details

We offer a comprehensive range of products for different applications from commercial to manufacturing equipment. These products include:

  • Pressure regulating valves
  • Cryogenic valves and controls
  • Back pressure valves
  • Temperature regulating valves
  • Vacuum valves
  • Miscellaneous control valves

Different models are available for each product category to suit the task whether for small commercial applications or large industrial processes. Contact us for ordering and pricing details.

Pressure Regulators For Air Compressors

Pressure regulator valves are designed to automatically cut off the flow of liquid or gas when it reaches a certain pressure for safety purposes. Regulators include a restricting, loading, and measuring elements.

Regulators are used for numerous applications including for use on air compressors. These devices are common in industrial and commercial environments to perform different tasks from powering air tools to filling gas cylinders.

Pressure regulators are typically used on air compressors to regulate the tank pressure to keep it from reaching unsafe levels. The regulator also allows the user to easily adjust the pressure from the tank to suit the task. Additional regulators may be necessary when one compressor is used to supply compressed air for multiple uses.

Repairs and Complete Overhauls

Air compressors are invaluable devices for commercial and industrial environments. Keeping compressors regularly maintained is important as equipment failure can lead to costly downtime.

Compressed Air Repairs and Equipment specialises in repairs and complete overhauls for compressors and drill rigs. Our technicians can overhaul any diesel compressor or hydraulic drive compressor. Our facilities are equipped to perform overhauls to high quality standards and to your exact specifications.

We also offer onsite services for regular maintenance to ensure your compressors are properly serviced. This keeps your equipment operating at optimal levels and to address any potential problems. Whether you need pressure regulators or repair services for air compressors, we can help.