Coates Offshore is a global provider of specialist rental equipment to companies in the oil and gas industries. Core products include air compressors and steam generators designed for use in the production of oil and gas.

The company maintains the largest global fleet of containerised air compressors with operations throughout various regions of the world including the North Sea, the Middle East, Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Brazil. The fleet is complemented by a comprehensive range of supporting equipment.

Moreover, the company focuses on providing clients with the right equipment to maximise productivity.

Their air compressors are built to DNV specification and designed to allow easy access for maintenance personnel. The Zone II compressors are suitable for operations including well testing and oilfield applications.

All units are containerised to allow for easy transportation and on-site stacking for improved efficiency. An extensive Rigsafe Compressor fleet is also available depending on project demands and client requirements.

Compressor Repair Services

Air compressors serve a range of applications for commercial and industrial environments. Regular maintenance is key to keep equipment functioning properly and to prevent premature wear. In the event that repairs are needed, our experienced technicians can help.

Compressed Air Repairs and Equipment specialises in repairs and complete overhauls of air compressors and drill rigs for the drilling and mining industries. We offer repairs to high pressure rotary screw ends, rotary vanes, and blower packages.

We can also overhaul any diesel or hydraulically driven compressor in our specialised air end rebuild department. We only use quality bearings and seals for overhauls.

Maintenance Services

Compressors consist of different moving parts. Excessive heat and general wear are common causes of equipment failure which can lead to costly downtime. Proper maintenance is necessary to identify and address potential problems.

Compressed Air Repairs and Equipment offers scheduled maintenance services to ensure air compressor systems are functioning properly. We conduct detailed inspections and make replacements as required. All maintenance procedures are completed to high standards.

Whether you need repairs done for air compressors or other maintenance services, we work closely with your organisation to deliver solutions that meet your exact requirements. Get in touch with us today to speak to one of our friendly staff members for assistance.