Air compressors are devices that compress and pressurise air for use in domestic and commercial purposes. There are a number of types available depending on the application that the compressed air will be used for. Common commercial applications include:

  • Supplying clean air to fill gas cylinders
  • Powering pneumatic tools such as jackhammers
  • Driving pneumatic HVAC control system valves
  • Filling tires for vehicles and commercial machinery
  • Producing moderate-press air for industrial processes

Hydraulic air compressors are typically divided into these groups:

  • Piston compressors: These types of systems are suitable for basic applications such as powering small hand tools or air flushing quarry drills.
  • Rotary vane compressors: Vanes are mounted to a rotor which are then rotated inside a cavity. These systems are often used for commercial and automotive purposes.
  • Rotary screw compressors: Two helical screws rotate in a housing to compress the air. These compressors are used for general industrial applications.

The purpose for compressed air determines the system to be used. The extensive use of air compressors particularly in industrial environments means that repairs are often necessary.

Repair and Overhaul Services

Damaged machinery can cause significant costly delays. Keeping downtime to a minimum is essential to reduce the impact of equipment that may be out of commission.

Compressed Air Repairs and Equipment specialises in the repair and complete overhaul of compressors and drill rigs for exceptional performance. We can overhaul any diesel or hydraulic drive compressor. Our technicians have worked extensively in the drilling and mining industries.

We overhaul rotary screw, rotary vane, and blowers to OEM specifications using only quality bearing and seals. We can manufacture or overhaul any package to the customers’ specific requirements. We are able to work with all makes and models of air compressors. We have the experience to complete any task irrespective of its size to high standards of quality.

Our workshop is fully equipped with all the necessary tools including prefabrication facilities and a machine shop. This allows us to carry out repairs and overhauls to your requirements. Our technicians can address any of your needs and can even provide on-site service as necessary.

Maintenance Services

Regular maintenance and servicing are the best ways to keep your air compressors running at optimal levels and to extend their life. Maintenance procedures require inspecting all aspects of the compressor and conducting tests to ensure components are not compromised.

We offer maintenance services and can schedule regular visits to your location to maintain and repair your compressed air system as needed. We go through an extensive process to ensure your equipment is functioning properly and keep records for future reference.