Compressed air offers numerous applications from domestic to industrial purposes. Different devices are available depending on how the compressed air will be used whether to power small pneumatic tools or for large scale industrial purposes. One of these is the PTO driven air compressor.

The air end is driven by a transmission power take-off (PTO) system.

PTO Driven Compressors need to be regularly maintained and serviced.

Repairs and Overhaul Services

Excessive build-up of heat and contamination within the unit are common causes of mechanical problems and premature wear. Issues that are left unchecked could cause irreparable damage to the compressor. Keeping downtime to a minimum is essential to reduce costs.

Compressed Air Repairs and Equipment specialises in repairs and complete overhauls for compressors and drill rigs. We have worked extensively with clients in the drilling and mining industries for repairs of a range of diesel and hydraulically driven compressors.

We can work with high pressure rotary screw air ends including rotary vane and blower packages. All services are completed to high standards and to your exact specifications without any compromises on quality. We have the knowledge and expertise to complete any task.

Our facilities are fully equipped which include a machine shop, an air end rebuild area, prefabrication facilities, wash bay facilities, and more. Our technicians only use quality bearings and seals for overhauls.

We understand that damaged equipment can cause costly delays. We strive to complete all repairs and overhauls within a reasonable timeframe and to excellent standards.

Scheduled Maintenance Services

Regular inspection of these compressors are essential to ensure they are at running at optimal levels. Air filters should be kept clean and the oil changed as needed. These steps are necessary to keep the compressor in excellent condition.

In addition to compressor repairs and full overhauls, we offer onsite services. One of our technicians will visit your location and perform the necessary inspections. Repairs and other maintenance will also be performed as required.